Terms of Participation

To have your business involved in Wiggy Wednesday there are a few rules we need to apply to ensure the integrity of the initiative is maintained. 

1) The minimum donation to Wiggy Wednesday by a business is €150 per month. 

2) Businesses have the option to donate €150 or a % of their sales on the Wiggy Wednesday. 

3) Business have the option to complete a different number of Wiggy Wednesday's in a given 12 month period but can be no less than 3 in a 12 month period.

4) Businesses can hold their Wiggy Wednesday on any Wednesday in a given month but must be on a Wednesday.

5) We would request photos or videos should be sent to info@wiggywednesday.ie so the business and their participation can be promoted. 

6) Businesses will have the option to take up the collateral and POS material at near cost pricing - for more information please contact us through info@wiggywednesday.ie 

7) Wiggy Wednesday bank account is in Bank of Ireland and on signing up to Wiggy Wednesday businesses will have the option to transfer monies raised.  Contact Pamela on 087 6089615

8) Each month as Wiggy Wednesday  raises monies for the different charities - we will update the We Have Raised page so we can all see the difference we are making.   (Click here to view progress to date)

9) No businesses can state they are part of Wiggy Wednesday in the absence of our acceptance email. 

10) Any businesses that use Wiggy Wednesday intellectual property for their own purposes will be in breach of our terms and services and therefore leaving themselves open for action against them by Wiggy Wednesday. 

11) There is no exclusivity clause permitted - Wiggy Wednesday is open to all businesses within the Island of Ireland. 

12) We reserve the right to change and update the Terms of Participation as required and businesses that are participating in Wiggy Wednesday will be informed of these changes. 
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