Businesses Making a Difference for those affected by cancer.

Wiggy Wednesday is an initiative to raise money for cancer charities at a national and local level by bringing businesses together in a fun way, one Wednesday a month.  Cancer has touched us all in very different ways but the one thing we all have in common is how devastating Cancer can be for those that it has touched.

Wiggy Wednesday has been created by two Irish business owners – Brian Brady MD & Owner of AccurA Diamond Tools supplying premium diamond tools to the construction industry and Michael Flynn Owner of the well-known Mattress Mick retails stores. They have one goal for Wiggy Wednesday and that is to make a difference to those affected by cancer at a local level.

Their vision is a simple one;
“Irish Businesses pulling together and taking part in Wiggy Wednesday. Each making a small but significant difference to their community that has been impacted by cancer and its devastation.”

Brian Brady of AccurA Diamond Tools said, “The feeling of helplessness will never leave me and also how far reaching cancer actually really is, not caring about age, what the person is leaving behind and then came the need to do something rather than dwell on the situation. Wiggy Wednesday came to the fore and I am delighted that it has turned into a reality”.

Michael Flynn Owner of Mattress Mick Retail stores said, “I was immediately interested in getting involved in Wiggy Wednesday as cancer has hit my family and friends. I think it is important to do as much as possible to help and support the victims of cancer, seeing first hand when support is offered it can help build up confidence to keep fighting.”

The Irish Cancer Society is our first charity to be involved with as they offer national support at a local level. We will be adding charities as Wiggy Wednesday grows and expands its reach to other businesses and communities. We will also be dedicating each month from September to a particular type of cancer trying to raise awareness in a meaning and respectful way.

Mark Mellett, Head of Fundraising with the Irish Cancer Society said, “We are really grateful to the organisers of Wiggy Wednesday for their show of support for cancer patients in Ireland. This is a really innovative campaign and we are delighted to be part of it. Over 40,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every year. Our work is almost entirely funded by public donations so Wiggy Wednesday will help us continue to invest in potentially life-saving research projects and support services throughout Ireland.”

The concept is a simple but effective – One Wednesday a month, employees will go about their daily tasks wearing silly wigs to respectfully acknowledge what many cancer patients go through but also to mark this particular Wednesday as something different. The business and not the employees will donate a minimum of €150 per month to Wiggy Wednesday or a percentage of their profits. Each business will have an option to promote Wiggy Wednesday on their website and in their stores and/or offices. 
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